As a great employer, you care about your employees’ health and wellbeing. Spending 40 hours a week together can make colleagues feel like family. So it’s natural that you want to keep them feeling their best. In addition, healthy employees have lower rates of missed work. This improves productivity at your company. Follow some basic tips to keep your workplace more sanitary and your employees healthy during Montana’s cold and flu season.

Employee Health Affects Productivity and Profits

Did you know that absences cost U.S. companies more than $40 billion every year? The flu season is a huge contributor to this. And even if employees come to work when they’re sick (which is a big no-no!), their productivity is significantly impacted. That means sick staff should stay home. Plus, you don’t want them to get your other employees sick. So the solution is obvious: promote health in your workplace to keep your team healthy and in the office.

Keep Employees Healthy In Your Workplace

As a company owner or manager, you control the environment where your staff spends the majority of their time each week. You keeping the workplace clean and sanitary will make a huge difference in employee health.

Follow these basic tips to decrease the chances of cold and flu virus from lingering in your office:

  • Stock sanitizing wipes in the office. Encourage everyone to wipe down their phones, keyboards, and desks at the end of each day.
  • Have hand sanitizer available for all employees, especially staff working in customer service. Germs are abundant there!
  • Encourage sick employees to stay home. This is so they can recover faster. Then they’ll avoid spreading cold and flu viruses.

Hire Professional Cleaners For Your Business

Gwenlin Property Solutions has a team trained to keep your workplace clean. Whether you have a medical office, government office, warehouse, school, or retail store, we’re ready to keep your office clean and healthy. Our staff can provide HIPAA-compliant cleaning services in all medical facilities. We’re experts at cleaning and sanitization. 

Contact us today to talk about setting up a cleaning schedule for your company.