Just imagine what you could do with free time to pursue hobbies, have a massage, read a book, play golf, or take lunch with a friend and come home to a clean house!

Selecting a Cleaning Service

Considering how important “me” time is to every busy person, hiring a professional cleaning team might be worth the money.  Here are some things to look into when you are selecting a cleaning service.


Professional cleaning services usually charge by the hour, the project, the services you need, how many times a week they visit, and the size of your home. Research shows that the average rate for U.S. maid cleaning services for a home less than 1000 square feet ranges from $25-$45 per person per hour.  This may go up as the home size increases.


Interview at least three services before making a decision and check the Better Business Bureau rating for the ones you select.  Check out their website and read any reviews.  Ask about their pricing structure.  Request a free in-home estimate.  It’s a good idea to walk through your home and jot down all the tasks you want them to do.  The service may have a few requests of their own, like asking you to strip beds before they arrive.  Are they bonded and insured?

Equipment and Supplies

Most services will provide their own equipment and supplies, but if you run a green home, ask the cleaning company what specific products they use and research them if they are not familiar. You may want them to use your products.

Special Requests

You may also want to discuss any special cleaning requests and put the final task requirements in writing to avoid any misunderstandings when the cleaners arrive.  If duties change from week to week, leave a detailed task list in plain view each week.