Gwenlin Property Solutions Commercial Cleaning Services Mon, 18 May 2020 14:51:39 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Keep Employees Healthy During Flu Season Mon, 28 Oct 2019 17:18:00 +0000 As a great employer, you care about your employees’ health and wellbeing. Spending 40 hours a week together can make colleagues feel like family. So it’s natural that you want to keep them feeling their best. In addition, healthy employees have lower rates of missed work. This improves productivity at your company. Follow some basic tips to keep your workplace more sanitary and your employees healthy during Montana’s cold and flu season.

Employee Health Affects Productivity and Profits

Did you know that absences cost U.S. companies more than $40 billion every year? The flu season is a huge contributor to this. And even if employees come to work when they’re sick (which is a big no-no!), their productivity is significantly impacted. That means sick staff should stay home. Plus, you don’t want them to get your other employees sick. So the solution is obvious: promote health in your workplace to keep your team healthy and in the office.

Keep Employees Healthy In Your Workplace

As a company owner or manager, you control the environment where your staff spends the majority of their time each week. You keeping the workplace clean and sanitary will make a huge difference in employee health.

Follow these basic tips to decrease the chances of cold and flu virus from lingering in your office:

  • Stock sanitizing wipes in the office. Encourage everyone to wipe down their phones, keyboards, and desks at the end of each day.
  • Have hand sanitizer available for all employees, especially staff working in customer service. Germs are abundant there!
  • Encourage sick employees to stay home. This is so they can recover faster. Then they’ll avoid spreading cold and flu viruses.

Hire Professional Cleaners For Your Business

Gwenlin Property Solutions has a team trained to keep your workplace clean. Whether you have a medical office, government office, warehouse, school, or retail store, we’re ready to keep your office clean and healthy. Our staff can provide HIPAA-compliant cleaning services in all medical facilities. We’re experts at cleaning and sanitization. 

Contact us today to talk about setting up a cleaning schedule for your company.

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Floor Refinishing Benefits Your Business Wed, 23 Oct 2019 15:48:27 +0000 professional floor cleaning in Billings, MontanaOne of the first things people see when they walk into a business is the floor. Whether it’s a retail store, warehouse, manufacturing facility, showroom, medical office, or school, the floor takes up most of a building’s eye line. Most of us don’t pay attention to it, but sometimes the flooring stands out. If your company has shiny, spotless floors, that draws the eye. Clients want to do business with a detail-oriented company. Hiring professionals to strip and refinish your business’s floors is one straightforward way to show you take pride in your company. Professional floor refinishing is always a good choice.

In addition to the visual appeal of professionally refinished flooring, you’ll want to consider the investment. The flooring in your business is one of the biggest costs during construction or remodels. Choosing to have professionals care for your flooring can prolong its life significantly, which means you won’t need to replace it for years to come.

How We Strip & Refinish Floors

Most commercial buildings use VCT flooring today, or vinyl composite tile. These floors are easy to care for and usually only need regular cleaning and buffing. However, daily use wears down the floor’s finish after time. That’s when you’ll need to have them refinished.

Before the Job Starts

Prior to taking on any floor refinishing job, we meet with you to get you an accurate pricing quote. We’ll take measurements of the room and take note of any large objects that will need to be moved or accommodated during cleaning. Our team will work with you to schedule a stripping and finishing time that won’t interfere with your regular business operations.

Floor Stripping and Refinishing

Gwenlin’s team of trained professionals will use professional-grade products when working on your floors. First, we apply a thin coat of solvent that will let us remove the current flooring finish. After the solvent is done working, our flooring experts will use a buffer or scrubber to remove all of the solution and everything it has lifted. We’ll then pass over the floor a few times with a specialized tool to make sure we’ve got all the dirty solution off the floor.

Once our team has stripped your business’s flooring, we’ll apply a new layer of finish. We use our equipment, products, and methods in a way custom to your business’s flooring, layout, and needs. After our team has applied enough layers of finish, we’ll let it dry and cure. Don’t worry, we’ll let you know in advance how long your floor needs to remain undisturbed! 

When we’re done stripping and refinishing your office or facility’s VCT flooring, we’ll leave the place spotless. You won’t even know we’ve been there, except that you won’t be able to miss your newly shining floors.

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Hire a Professional Fri, 27 Sep 2019 22:10:03 +0000 Gwenlin Property Solutions is your go to business for all your home and business cleaning needs. Their trusted, highly trained professional teams can provide in home or business services including mats that need washing, janitorial service, snow removal, windows, landscaping and mulching are all categories that they can fulfill professionally.


Washing windows is a dreaded chore and if you have lots of windows in your home or business, it will take you a long time to clean all of them.  With winter approaching, now is the time to think about hiring someone to clean those windows for you.

Cleaning Service

Whether you need someone in your home a couple times a week for specific cleaning projects or you need a janitorial service for your business, Gwenlin can help you.  They consider their customers their number 1 priority and provide world-class service.  Carpet cleaning, maid service, laundry, kitchens, bathrooms, and just general straightening are all possible.

Janitorial Service

Gwenlin’s janitors will sweep, mop, vacuum, dust, remove trash and any other chores your business needs.  Employees are more productive in a clean environment and having a janitorial service frees up employees (who have been doing those jobs) to do more business.


Everyone knows that plants appreciate a covering of mulch in the fall to help insulate the plants and soil against the predicted deep snows Montana may get this winter.  Our teams will transport the mulch to your location and spread it carefully around all your valuable plants.

Snow Removal

Did you know that shoveling or pushing a snow blower yourself could put you at risk for a heart attack?  Gwenlin’s snow removal teams are out at the first sign of snow and can have your driveways and walkways cleared before you head out the door.  So be safe this winter

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Shoveling Snow and Heart Attacks Sun, 22 Sep 2019 01:28:46 +0000 According to the Harvard Health Blog, estimates say around 100 people – mostly men – because they do most of the snow removal, die during or just after shoveling snow each year in the US.  Between 1981 and 2014, researchers studied a significant number of hospital admissions and deaths due to heart attack.

The Deeper the Snow, the More Deaths

They found that the deeper the snow, the more men were admitted to hospitals for heart attacks and the more died.  Similarly, the longer it snowed, the higher the rates of heart attacks and related deaths among men.  And shoveling isn’t the only culprit.  Pushing a heavy snow blower can also cause attacks.

Heart Disease is a High Risk

If you already have heart disease or are at risk for it, you should be wary of shoveling your own snow.  But this phenomenon also happens to men who have no known heart issues and, to a lesser degree, women who remove the snow from their drives and sidewalks.

Removing Snow Causes Increased Heart Rate

When you’re shoveling snow or pushing a snow blower, you are exerting a log of energy and this can raise your heart rate and blood pressure more quickly than other types of exercise.  You are out in the cold which can constrict blood vessels.  If you don’t regularly exercise, or are a couch potato, the sudden expenditure of energy will tax your system as it isn’t used to it.

Protect Yourself, Hire a Professional

So, what can you do to protect yourself? The snow has to be moved.  Consider hiring a professional to clear your driveway and sidewalks.  There are other advantages to hiring someone to remove the snow rather than doing it yourself.  The professionals are on the job as soon as the snow starts falling and will clear your property without you having to call them each time it snows.  In areas where heavy snowfall is a constant, like Montana, it can take you hours to just clear enough to get out of your garage or house.  So be smart, and hire a professional for snow removal.


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Clean Windows Wed, 28 Aug 2019 00:45:05 +0000 Image by Sebastian Ganso from Pixabay

As the year transitions from summer to fall, now is the perfect time to think about getting the windows in your home or business cleaned.  This is really a major project if you have many windows and could take a couple of weekends if you do it yourself.  You probably have better things to do on weekends this time of year, so hire a professional cleaning service to do the job for you.

Best Cleaning Practices

Professional services have unique ways to clean your windows.  They have the best solutions, the ladders, sponges, etc. and the personnel to do the job well and quickly. It’s well worth your time to have them do this for you and you will so enjoy being able to see out those fresh clean windows.

Screens & Frames

Professionals not only clean the windows, but they clean the screens, channels, and frames so that everything is sparkling.  Professional cleaners scrub tough stains that simple soap and squeegee don’t remove. Any built-up tree sap or pest droppings will be wiped away and you’ll see clearly through them again.

Problems and Pests

Professionals will get up close and personal with your windows and can notice any poor fitting screens, broken seals, sashes, rotting sills, or dysfunctional windows.  Bees and hornets like to build nests behind window shutters and wasps love to inhabit storm windows.  Ladybugs also like to settle in window channels.  Your professional cleaners spot these pests and remove them from these areas.

Make Your Windows Long-Lasting

Getting your windows cleaned can actually extend the life of your windows by removing smoke film and other contaminants.  Old aluminum screens can deteriorate over time and cause patterns on windows. Hard water stains from sprinklers also leave a film on your windows.  Save yourself the time and trouble of window cleaning by letting professionals cleaners do the job for you.




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Refinishing Hardwood Floors Sat, 17 Aug 2019 18:27:02 +0000 Image by Michelle Maria at Pixabay

Hardwood floors are very durable, but after a few years, they can begin to look old and tired.  Moving furniture, dogs running around the house, children with sharp toys, and harsh detergents all affect the finish on your floors.

Do It Yourself?

You could take on the job yourself, but it is a lot of backbreaking work.  You would need 4-5 different sanders to do the job. Renting a floor sander is required to get the best, smoothest surface but rental sanders are not as high quality as those of professionals.  You need a good shop vac to get all the dust removed also. 


Sanding floors is something you have to have experience with in order to avoid ruining your floors.  You have to know if there is enough wood to sand.  Some older floors that have been refinished several times can become too thin to do again.  If you try to sand this kind of floor, you may end up with holes in your hardwood and have to replace everything.  Sanders are heavy and take a good deal of strength to keep them going in the right direction.  Letting a sander get out of control will wreck your hardwood floors.  With the edge sander, if you hold it in one place too long, you may end up with a dip in your floor or circles that won’t come out.  Refinishing floors is one of the hardest DIY projects for homeowners to do, and there is serious danger of damaging the floors if you don’t know what you are doing.

 Staining and Poly

Staining and applying the top coat are very messy jobs. If the floors weren’t properly sanded and dust completely removed, the stain will not penetrate properly and the polyurethane will not adhere properly.  With this outcome, your floor finish won’t last as long as a professional job. Splotchy stain and variations in the polyurethane are not results you want for your hardwood floors.

 Hire a Professional

You might want to consider leaving it to the professionals.  They have much better equipment than you can rent and their expertise will make your floors shine again and you avoid all the back breaking, messy, work.  Floors done professionally last longer and look brand new.  And in the long run, the cost is only slightly more than DIY with much less risk.

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Landscaping and Lawn Care Fri, 09 Aug 2019 15:11:02 +0000 August is the perfect time to look around the outside of your business and see if your landscape is reflecting your high standards of care.

Present an Appealing First Impression

Because you are busy running your business, you may not have time to keep up the trees, lawn, flowers and shrubs outside your business location.  The exterior of your business location is the first impression customers have of you and a weedy, messy outside area isn’t what you want customers to see when they visit you.


Do you need new trees or are the existing ones in need of pruning.  Trees that are allowed to go wild look very messy and may need some trimming to make them look neater and more attractive.  Shrubs are great outdoor interest, but they can become overgrown and cover windows and crowd other plants.  A landscape crew can take care of all these problems for you.

Planting and Pruning

Planting trees, shrubs, and seasonal flowers can enhance your outside facade.  Arriving at a business and seeing a beautiful landscape makes people smile and feel good.  In spring, you may like a redbud tree that blooms with deep pink flowers or tulips and daffodils in a planter by the entrance or a garden bed under a window.  Shrubs also provide flowers at different times during the season.

What to Plant

Peonies, azaleas, hydrangeas, and rhododendrons provide late spring color if you have shade in your landscape.  Summer brings hundreds of choices in colors and styles to enhance your entrance, either in pots or in garden beds.  In fall, you may want some chrysanthemums in bright yellows, oranges, and bronzes.

Professional Service

All of this enhances your business and invites customers to visit often to see the seasonal displays.  It also needs maintenance to keep it looking fresh and beautiful, and that is where the professional landscape service comes in and takes complete care of the outside for you.


Gwenlin Property Solutions provides landscape planting and maintenance as well as snow removal, power washing buildings and parking areas, and mowing.

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Benefits of Hiring a Professional Office Cleaning Service Sun, 14 Jul 2019 23:10:01 +0000 When customers or clients walk into your place of business, their first impression will often influence whether they do business with you or go on down the road to another company.  A clean and tidy office says you care about your environment and want to make the best impression.

Office Environment

Not only is a clean office important to clients, but it is the environment your employees inhabit 40 hours or more every week.  Your employees work hard, so why would you expect them to do housekeeping chores?  The best solution is to hire a professional cleaning service.  Professional cleaners have the training to clean different areas of your offices and they use best practices to ensure an odor and germ-free environment.

Personal Service

You may need services as simple as emptying trash cans, vacuuming, and tidying up the bathrooms.  Or you may need more extensive cleaning on a regular basis.  The professional will meet with you to determine your unique needs and work out a schedule that best serves your business.

Supplies Provided

Professional cleaners provide the supplies and equipment to carry out their responsibilities to the highest standards.  They are expert at cleaning everything from specialty businesses such as medical and dental offices and laboratories, to theaters, and restaurants.  They have the expertise to handle any mess.

Saves Time

Hiring a professional cleaning service frees you up to concentrate on your work.  No more need for you or your employees to empty trash, clean bathrooms, dust, and mop floors.  Studies show that office workers usually feel more motivated and can concentrate on their work better in a clean and neat environment.  Dirt, clutter, and mess can be very distracting and will reduce productivity.

Safe Healthy Environment

Hiring a professional cleaning company ensures that trained professionals will provide a clean and safe environment for your company employees, clients, and guests.  Cleaners are regularly trained in health and safety procedures and will follow those procedures to keep your facility clean and tidy.


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Hire a Professional to Clean Your Carpets Sat, 06 Jul 2019 22:28:41 +0000 When purchasing new carpet for your home or office, be sure to read the manufacturer’s warranty.  This will tell you what conditions the warranty will cover in the event of a carpet failure.  It will also tell you what conditions you must maintain as the carpet owner to keep from voiding the warranty.

Use Professionals

One of the first things a carpet manufacturer’s warranty tells you is to have the carpets cleaned by professional cleaners.  Requirements for professional cleaning range from every year to every two-three years.  Hire a professional and keep your receipts in case you have an issue and need to prove that you have followed the carpet cleaning requirements.

Beware Carpet Warranty

Failure to clean carpets properly can result in damage to the fibers and backing.  It may be tempting to clean them yourself, but beware, you may be voiding your carpet warranty.  Steam cleaners you rent from the grocery or big box store are not powerful enough to completely rinse and extract shampoo and cleaning solution from the carpet.

Avoid Rented Steam Cleaners

The residue left behind by rented steam cleaners attracts dirt, which will cause your carpet to get dirty again faster.  Store-bought cleaning solutions and spot treatments only remove surface stains, while some of those stains may have seeped clear through the fibers to the backing and pad.  So, a professional cleaning is highly recommended.

Make Your Carpet Last

The professional cleaner combines hot water with safe chemicals that won’t cause damage to deep clean your carpets and any stains or extremely dirty spots.  Then they rinse away all the cleaning product with clear water.  To ensure the cleanest possible carpets and longest life , hire a professional to deep clean your carpets every year.

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Benefits of Commercial Cleaning Services Fri, 31 May 2019 18:42:23 +0000 Benefits of Commercial Cleaning Services for Offices and Welcome Space

The business world is getting very competitive. Every company seems to be looking for ways to gain that competitive edge in their respective niches. In order to achieve such feat, there are lots of strategies being adopted. One has to do with hiring companies which offer services related to Commercial Cleaning in Billings.

It doesn’t really matter what you think about these companies, the truth is that they can make all the difference in your business. Below are some of the ways through which a company rendering commercial cleaning services will help your business today.

1 – Great First Impression

Your customers or clients are your greatest assets. This means you’ve got to do everything possible in order to leave a lasting impression on them. The only way to do this perfectly is ensuring that your offices and welcome space are clean. Through the expertise of a company offering services like Commercial Cleaning Billings, such will definitely become a reality.

They have experts who understand how to clean various types of offices and work spaces. It doesn’t really matter the type of offices you have in your business as they will be cleaned to perfection. You could lose existing and potential customers when your offices and welcome space aren’t clean enough.

2 – Healthy Environment

If you are really serious about achieving your business goals within the expected time, it is important that you hire a company which is into the rendering of cleaning services. This will ensure that a healthy working environment is created where workers will be very productive.

You want to create an environment that is healthy for your workers. This can help you cut down operational costs in the long run since there will not be any need to have a high budget for the health of your workers. This is perhaps one aspect where the importance of commercial cleaning companies can hardly be overemphasized. In order for your workers to be very productive, the healthiest working environment must be created.

3 – We Are Professionals

Do you know that office cleaning has gone beyond what people who are not trained can do? We are experts and will ensure your office is thoroughly cleaned. They have some of the best cleaning tools and equipment to ensure the process is as smooth as possible.

Even if you decide to do this on your own, you may not get it right compared to how these companies will make your offices and welcome space clean.

4 – It is Time Saving

Trying to do everything all at once will hinder how you progress in your business. We will help ensure that you focus on other activities. This can help you and your workers become more focused and productive since you will be able to invest your time on how to become very competitive than other companies in your niche.

Having seen all of the above, it is obvious that commercial cleaning services are becoming an integral part of most business’ activities all over the world. It is high time you started exploring these services to make your business more competitive.

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