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Benefits of Hiring a Professional Office Cleaning Service

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When customers or clients walk into your place of business, their first impression will often influence whether they do business with you or go on down the road to another company.  A clean and tidy office says you care about your environment and want to make the best impression. Office Environment Not only is a clean office important to clients, but it is the environment your employees inhabit 40 hours or more every week.  Your employees work hard, so why would you expect them to do housekeeping chores?  The best solution is to hire a professional cleaning service.  Professional cleaners have the training to clean different areas of your offices and they use best practices to ensure an odor and germ-free environment. Personal Service You may need services as simple as emptying trash cans, vacuuming, and tidying up the bathrooms.  Or you may need more extensive cleaning on a regular basis.  The professional will meet with you to determine your

Hire a Professional to Clean Your Carpets

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When purchasing new carpet for your home or office, be sure to read the manufacturer’s warranty.  This will tell you what conditions the warranty will cover in the event of a carpet failure.  It will also tell you what conditions you must maintain as the carpet owner to keep from voiding the warranty. Use Professionals One of the first things a carpet manufacturer’s warranty tells you is to have the carpets cleaned by professional cleaners.  Requirements for professional cleaning range from every year to every two-three years.  Hire a professional and keep your receipts in case you have an issue and need to prove that you have followed the carpet cleaning requirements. Beware Carpet Warranty Failure to clean carpets properly can result in damage to the fibers and backing.  It may be tempting to clean them yourself, but beware, you may be voiding your carpet warranty.  Steam cleaners you rent from the grocery or big box store are not powerful

Benefits of Commercial Cleaning Services

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Benefits of Commercial Cleaning Services for Offices and Welcome Space The business world is getting very competitive. Every company seems to be looking for ways to gain that competitive edge in their respective niches. In order to achieve such feat, there are lots of strategies being adopted. One has to do with hiring companies which offer services related to Commercial Cleaning in Billings. It doesn’t really matter what you think about these companies, the truth is that they can make all the difference in your business. Below are some of the ways through which a company rendering commercial cleaning services will help your business today. 1 – Great First Impression Your customers or clients are your greatest assets. This means you’ve got to do everything possible in order to leave a lasting impression on them. The only way to do this perfectly is ensuring that your offices and welcome space are clean. Through the expertise of a company offering services

Donation to Habitat for Humanity

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The Gwenlin staff recently visited Billings Habitat for Humanity in its new location at 685 King Park Drive. Sue, Nate and Allan talk with Jim Woolyhand about the plans Habitat for Humanity has for its new building on the west end. As a part of its ongoing commitment to serve organizations that serve the community, the Gwenlin staff presents Jim with a check to aid Habit in meeting its goals. Nate Ray (Vice President), Joel Hardy (Office Manager), Allan Ness (President), Jim Woolyhand (Habitat Executive Director), Sue Ness (Service Manager) and Dick Hoefle (Sales Manager).

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