After you’ve selected a cleaning company, it’s a good idea to meet the person(s) who will be cleaning your home before the first visit.  Are they a good fit?  Are you comfortable with them?  Will the same person or crew be cleaning your home each week? Has the company done background checks on them?

Get Ready

Before the first visit, get your house ready.  Pick up clutter, the service is there to clean not organize your messes.  The cleaning service is careful about the things in your home, but accidents do happen.  It’s best to put away any items that might get damaged.

Secure Pets

Many homes have pets, and the service should know about yours before assigning someone to clean for you.  You want to think about your pets’ comfort levels with strangers and perhaps schedule a get acquainted session with the cleaner before the first day.  You should arrange to be home for the first few visits until the pets are familiar with your cleaner.  Pets may need to be crated or secured in a room when cleaners are there.

Pick Up Clutter

Pick up and secure any important documents, bills or other papers.  Cleaners won’t know that they aren’t trash if they are scattered or on the floor.  File important papers away to protect your privacy and avoid the trouble of hunting for an important item.

Secure Valuables

Secure valuables such as jewelry, small electronics and loose change until you’ve built up a high level of trust with your house cleaner.  Professional cleaning agencies put employees through thorough vetting and background checks, but thefts can occur.

Use a Lockbox

Most important, make sure they can get into the house if you won’t be there.  Make sure the cleaning company knows about any alarms or home security systems.  If you are uncomfortable giving them a key, consider a lockbox on the door with the key inside.  Then you only need to give them the code to the lockbox and possibly the alarm code.