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Hire a Professional

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Gwenlin Property Solutions is your go to business for all your home and business cleaning needs. Their trusted, highly trained professional teams can provide in home or business services including mats that need washing, janitorial service, snow removal, windows, landscaping and mulching are all categories that they can fulfill professionally. Windows Washing windows is a

Shoveling Snow and Heart Attacks

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According to the Harvard Health Blog, estimates say around 100 people – mostly men – because they do most of the snow removal, die during or just after shoveling snow each year in the US.  Between 1981 and 2014, researchers studied a significant number of hospital admissions and deaths due to heart attack. The Deeper

Hiring a Property Management Company

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Let’s face it, owning even one rental property can take up a lot of your time, answering complaints, fixing things that break down or wear out, collecting rent, and interviewing prospective tenants.  If you own several properties, you can begin to feel like you have no time for anything else.  When you reach that point,

Fall Garden Clean Up

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Now that September is close, it’s time to be thinking about cleaning up the garden.  Vegetables that have finished producing need to be pulled and put in the compost pile, the lawn needs readying for winter, perennials need to be cut back, and mulch applied. Vegetable Gardens It’s recommended that you remove all vegetable plants